Success with a Replacement Roof:
No Accident!!

by John and Roslyn Kuzmich
June 2, 2016

Getting a new roof installed on our home was an exciting experience. The problem is in dealing with salespeople who all promise the best prices and service.  While roofs are expensive acquisitions, there’s more than just selecting the lowest bid.  The best way to approach this matter is to visit many homes that a contractor has done because you will find that assessing shingle colors and designs isn’t just what they look like in a brochure or a sample, but by the actual installation itself. Roslyn and I spent a full day last week observing samples of different contractors work. It was evident that we were enamored by the work of Global Roofing and upon several subsequent conversations and sharing of emails; we got answers to our questions. If you speak to enough roofers one can really know what questions to ask. And to our amazement, we could challenge experience salespeople representing their companies with not only intelligent questions but knew when their answers were not quite focused to our expectations.  The one exception was Global Roofing.  Read on for some details!

Fortunately the last roofing company that we interviewed was Global Roofing. We were amazed that they could deal with a myriad of questions and we spent no less than 2+ hours interviewing with not only the owner but his foreman. In this unusual relationship of having the foreman observing the entire interviewing process allowed us to get answers to our honeydew assignments to supplement the actual roof bid and to our surprise, the foreman agreed to do everything that we needed done. For example, cut some branches that were hanging over our roof, caulking leaky gutters and even installing a woodpecker device to keep them off our roof. And all at no additional charge! But more than that was their attitude of “can do”.  This attitude is unusual in the roofing business because the roofers are not necessarily skilled contractors except for installing roofs but in this situation with Global Roofing, their foreman was a skilled craftsman who could do many things besides supervise the construction of a roof which he did gladly.

During the installation, Roslyn and I were amazed how well the crew worked together. The asphalt shingles themselves are very attractive but their workmanship was even better including replacing four unscheduled skylight windows in our sun porch. These four windows were showing definitive wear and tear after 30+ years.  The contractor did not hesitate to purchase these skylight windows for us and install them that same day at no additional labor charges.  As promised, the roof was indeed replaced in just one day. I particularly like the texture of the individual asphalt shingles as they really stood out almost as contrasting that is a part of a wooden shake roof while most traditional asphalt shingles offer little contrast.  Roslyn loves the color scheme that works well with our brick exterior and white shutters and garage door. Together we agree, we are very pleased with our new roof. The contractors were amazing because they did great work particularly when they found one area my roof had a huge hole in it and also did not hesitate to deal with skylight window situation because they were probably ready to leak rain. So they went to the hardware store and bought the Windows for me and installed them which took a lot of extra time in which they displayed much patience and extended their workday from 6 AM to 7 PM to finish the job. Their cleanup was amazing as you cannot find even nails in the lawn because they used a magnet to find all the loose nails. All the old shake shingles and tar paper were all cleaned up magnificently. And best yet, the contractor and his crew were so friendly and willing to do everything including the cleanup to our satisfaction. No doubt about it, Global Roofing is a distinctive company that does more than just do the job, they do it exceedingly well and very congenial as well. Roslyn and I feel very fortunate that we were able to use this company because whenever there was a problem they immediately fixed it. For example, one gutter was leaking and they caulked it for us. We have a woodpecker who loves to destroy the roof, and they are going to put special spikes on the air vent to discourage the woodpecker. In addition, they even cut the tree limbs that hang over the house to better satisfy the insurance company. In summary, words cannot express the satisfaction that Roslyn I have for an excellent installation working with the company that distinguishes itself so readily from its competitors. Another example, when they came to give us a bit on the house they brought not only the owner but the foreman so that all items of business could be discussed intelligently without any communication gaps and when they left that first interviewing meeting we not only signed the contract but knew that every item discussed would be implemented to our satisfaction while other roofing companies did not hesitate to say “no” to nearly all of our honeydew requests. In closing, Roslyn and I made the right choice for the asphalt shingles product, the color, and equally as important for their service and tender care that were rendered to us.  And they even took full payment of the roofing with a credit card without any additional fees and did not even require a down payment to order the asphalt shingles because they trusted us which speaks volumes of their professional relationship attributes. If further clarification is desired as further proof that Global Roofing is as good as my written words, I encourage you to check out the 50+ photos I took all day to illustrate their installation workmanship and professionalism that are posted in a photo gallery at http://jalbum.net/a/1726010.

“About 3 months ago there were a number of roofing companies going through this area and making a ”pitch”. You have roof damage and I am the one you need to fix it. One actually made contact with my insurance company but their proposal produced a NO. NO.

When Danny Yazdani of Global Roofing knocked on my door I was reluctant to get involved with another roofing company. However Danny believed that I did have damage that justified replacement and that with my permission he would; 1,contact my insurance company;2, meet with their rep at their convenience for an inspection and 3; accept their decision. However he said he had a excellent relationship with them and felt they would approve his evaluation and proposal.

They did accept his evaluation and proposal and all of the paper work was done with very little effort on my part for the replacement.

The entire process; through Danny and Global Roofing was a very professionally done project. I always felt I was dealing with a group a “cut above the rest” and am more then happy to recommend them to anyone needing roof work.

Want to see a first class roofing job; check out mine.

Thanks Danny and Global Roofing for a job WELL DONE.”

Charlie Krumenacker

“I had a new roof installed in 2009. They had left an anchor in the roof, and there was a leak around one of the anchors. Global Roofing came out and sealed around the anchor. I was very pleased with the service. He came out for a free estimate, and it was such a small repair he did it free of charge.”

Robert Patten, Angies List reviewer

“I just want to say thank you for the excellent job that your company did on the re-roofing of my personal residence. The roof was installed at the time we agreed to, with high quality, your follow up was superb,  the site was kept clean of waste materials and the crew was a pleasure to work with. Everything you said you were going to do, you did. Many of my neighbors have used your company also and I am sure they are all very satisfied.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Please feel free to use my name as a reference.


Dan Moe

“Global Roofing, We wish to express our appreciation for your excellent customer service in support of our obtaining a new roof. Danny and Cisco, especially, were so helpful in dealing with our insurance company and adjuster. You took the stress for us. We appreciate your attention to detail and making sure that the roofing crew did a good job. We are very happy with our roof and with the extra service that we received from you.”

Thank you, Don and Carol West