Roofing Services

At Global roofing, we specialize in all types of roofing including roof repairs, inspections and even roof cleaning.. We understand that proper installation requires the use of skilled professional Colorado roofing contractors who use the appropriate tools.

Our professional expert staff of roofing contractors has the capability to install any custom component or accessory items that may be required to complete the roofing package. We stand behind our work with our solid warranties. Our roofing services include:

   Roofing Repairs
    Roofing Inspection
    Roof Replacement
    Roof Cleaning
    Power Washing
    Gutter Cleaning
    Down Spout Installation & Repairs
    Air Vents & Attic Ventilation Systems
    Bird Control & Roof Rat Elimination
    Solar Fans & Attic Fans
    Algae Control
    Chimney Covers

Our 4-Phase Roof Inspection

If your roof is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider having one of our technicians visit for a 4-Phase Roof Inspection. Our Colorado roofing technicians are thoroughly trained to find all of the issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof. This helps to keep from covering up a problem, or leading to costly un expected changes.